Get organised

Oct 19, 2020

Give your fridge an instant facelift with Fridge Racks by Stakrax.

This smart attractive design will give your fridge an organisation a makeover and is easy as snap, lock and click!

Say Goodbye to bottles rolling around your fridge or clinking and rattling in the fridge door and say hello to a well utilised space that creates more room for food and drinks.

Fridge racks are easy to install and clean. Individual modules allow you t create a rack to fit any shape or space. Easily expandable to build a small wine rack through to a complete cellar.

  • Organise your fridge
  • Easy to install – snap, lock click
  • Holds 4 Bottles
  • Australian Made
  • Accepts most standard wine, champagne, water and soft drink bottes to 1.25L
  • Internal Diameter for Bottle is 92mm