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Stakrax Brackets Silver – 4 Pack

Accessory for Stakrax modular bottle racks system. Recommended for racks over 10 modules high. Simply attach at the back of the rack and fix to the wall for stability.


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  • Accessory for Stakrax modular wine storage system
  • Recommended for Stakrax builds over 10 modules high
  • Slides into the top part of each module then clicks into place
  • Attach with hardware according to wall surface type (Hardware not included)
  • Pack of 4, silver

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 7 cm

Attaching Wall Brackets

For racks over 10 modules high, wall brackets are required to attach the racks to a vertical surface for added security. The wall bracket should be attached at minimum every 1 metre of height and every 1 metre of width of the rack and should be positioned where there is a suitable availability to secure them.

Wall brackets are sold separately from Stakrax sets and do not include hardware. Hardware will vary based on type of wall and surface.

To attach the wall bracket to the module, slide the top of the bracket (it should be a tight fit) over the top of the assembled module above the bottle hole at the rear of the module. The wall bracket can then be attached to the wall.